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The institute offers B.Ed. course with an approved intake 200 seats. The college has developed an intense academic environment that helps in bringing out the best in students

Bachelor of Education : (B. Ed) 
Intake : 200
Duration : One  Year Degree Programme

(Affiliated to C.C.S. University, Meerut and Approved by NCTE, Jaipur)

This is a one year degree program leading to the degree of "Bachelor of Education". The course is aimed at molding the future teachers. It will enable the student - teacher to develop contextual as well as conceptual competency, to acquire basic knowledge in the use of Information & Communication Technology in education, to master the skills involved in effective teaching and to develop professional attitude towards teaching.

Medium of Instruction               

  • The medium of instruction for the B.Ed course will be English/Hindi.

Course Structure

Course Code No. Name of the course Maximum Marks Duration of Exams
I E-101 Teacher in Emerging Indian Society 100 3 Hrs.
II E-102 Development of Learner and Teaching Learning Process 100 3 Hrs.
III E-103 Essential of Educational Technology and Management 100 3 Hrs.
IV E-104 Development of Educational system in India 100 3 Hrs.
V   Any One from the following: 100 3 Hrs.
  E-205 Educational and Mental Measurement 100 3 Hrs.
  E-206 Educational Management and Administration 100 3 Hrs.
  E-207 Career Information and Career Guidance 100 3 Hrs.
  E-209 Environmental Education 100 3 Hrs.
VI & VII   Teaching Methodology    
    Any two school subjects to be studied as method papers. These will be based on the two main subjects or the main and one of the ancillary subjects in the case of graduates; and the subject offered in post graduation which should be the same as in graduation except in the case of those who have offered the fundamental subjects like Philosophy, Sociology, or M.A Education
    School Teaching Subjects:    
  E-313 Teaching of Hindi 100 3 Hrs.
  E-314 Teaching of English 100 3 Hrs.
  E-315 Teaching of Sanskrit 100 3 Hrs.
  E-316 Teaching of Social Science 100 3 Hrs.
  E-317 Teaching of Commerce 100 3 Hrs.
  E-319 Teaching of Mathematics 100 3 Hrs.
  E-320 Teaching of Home Science 100 3 Hrs.
  E-321 Teaching of Physical Science 100 3 Hrs.
  E-322 Teaching of Biology Science 100 3 Hrs.
VIII E-701 Practical: Sessional Work
 Take any five of the following:
    (a) Administration, Scoring and Interpretation of Psychological Test. 10  
    (b) Operation of Audio-Visual Equipments 10  
    (c) Construction of Test Items and Examination Question papers 10  
    (d) Case Study / Action Research 10  
    (e) Scouting and Guiding 10  
    (f) Work with Community 10  
    (g) Participating Cultural Activities 10  
    (h) Physical Exercise, Games and Sports 10  
IX E-702 Teaching Skills/ Practice Teaching 50 marks for each Examiner 3x50=150  
    Viva –Voce Examination based on Sessional Work and Skills of Teaching will be consulted by the Board of Practice Examiners. 50  
    Internal Assessment by Two Subject Supervisors 25+25=50  
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