vision mission

Library is well stocked and furnished with every increasing collection of books related to education. The library has nine thousand five hundred and forty two  books including one thousand five hundred and twenty two   titles, three hundred and twenty six reference books, fifteen  journals and eighteen sets of encyclopedia. We have regular subscription of many national journals and periodical, competition magazines, newspapers etc. There is noise free atmosphere all around. We try to ensure that the books, student need for their course, are available in sufficient quantity. Library can be accessed six day in a week.

Psychological Lab
In the psychology laboratory, tests & equipments for performing experiments are available. Psychology lab stocks test like solving ability test, reasoning ability test, non-verbal test, non-verbal group intelligent test, vocational interest test, teaching aptitude test battery etc. in adequate quantity. http://aakankshacollege.comimages/psychology%20lab.jpg
Science Lab
http://aakankshacollege.comimages/science%20lab.jpg A state-of-the-art science lab with all the facilities are also available in the Institute.
Lecture Halls
All the Lecture Halls are spacious and adequately equipped with Podiums, White board , O.H.P & LCD Projector. lecture hall
Seminar Hall

The Seminar Hall is utilized as a venue for formal meetings, discussions and brain storming sessions.This hall is also used for the multipurpose tasks such as cultural activities, officials meting etc.

ET & Computer Lab

Et Lab is fully equipped with computers, printer, LCD , Over Head Projector , T.V. , C.D. Player , CDs and Mike etc.Internet facility also available for students to know about the worldly affairs.

  Beyond Academics
sports We provide sports and games facilities for physical development of students. There is a large play ground in the campus where students can play football, volley ball, cricket, badminton etc. Faculty member also participate with them to encourage them. Our students have made us proud by excelling in every field. Scout guide camps, cultural activities and educational tours are also organized for the benefits of the students.
  Art and Craft Lab

There is a Art and Craft Lab, where different types of instruments are available such as- Dholak, Tabla, Harmonium, Ghunguru, Flute, Puppets, Drum etc.


In Canteen students take lunch and enjoy their college life. All the fooding items are available at the reasonable rate.

  Language Lab

There is a well equipped Language Lab to improve the language   of the students and faculty members also. Language Lab stocks such as Diagnostic Spelling Test, Reading Comprehensive Test, Language Creativity Test , Lingua Phone with various levels of CD’s etc. 

  Medical Facilities

The Institute has medical facilities and first aid for any emergency situation.

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